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Posted by jckFeb 19, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Feb 19, 1. Hello, I have a 90 eclipse 2. The car will not start,but was driven daily until no start Get laid Nampa Idaho.

I have checked fusible links at battery and fuses in fuse panel. The fuses are not blown.

I have checked ignition by replacing coil, wires ,plugs and power transistor. Also, the fuel pressure has been checked and fpr has been changed out.

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Also, the coolant temp Idxho was found to be defective, but it was replaced. The TPS is bad, Nampaa not far out of range. Get laid Nampa Idaho have checked TPS and it has a closed throttle plate value this was ok, but the resistance value when opening and closing the throttle plate is a little off, but not by much.

I do not believe the TPS is causing a no-start issue for this car. When I pull the plugs, after trying to start the car they are gas fouled. I have tried using starting fluid to start car, this does not help the car start. I have to remove spark plugs for cleaning after a Get laid Nampa Idaho times of Get laid Nampa Idaho to start the car.

Krefeld skin male looking to meet nice girl I remove spark plugs to clean them cyl.

I have ohmed injectors and they are ok. This leads me to believe it is an issue with timing.

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I am thinking the Cam angle Get laid Nampa Idaho may be defective. I have looked in forums for answers to this no-start issue.

I need a definitive way to test CAS. Some methods to test the CAS are listed in forums. But some have indicated in forums that the CAS can not be tested. Also, the Haynes manual says the CAS can not be tested. The CAS I have is a 4 wire sensor. This is the question I have, if Cam angle sensor is bad will I get a spark.

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Autozone Manager says yes, Get laid Nampa Idaho sensor can be bad and car will still have spark I have spark on all cyl. I have a Haynes manual, it says the CAS for my car determines the order the fuel injectors open.

Could Get laid Nampa Idaho CAS be the reason the car won't start? Is there anything else that would keep the car from not starting?

Is TPS the reason for the car not starting? Any help will be greatly appreciated? Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2. My CAS went bad, but mine is a I don't think that makes much difference lsid referring strictly to the Women seeking men Jackson signal. When it went bad I would get spark on 2 cylinders, and the other 2 would flood. It just seems to be the most common symptom.

I am running a 1g CAS now, and all I can think of is that maybe the wheel inside is jammed, or possible Get laid Nampa Idaho the crank signal is fouled up.

Get laid Nampa Idaho

Open it up and make sure it isn't full of oil too. I have a friend with a 1g that had one fail due to Gte getting by the shaft seal and fouling the inside of the sensor up. Feb 19, 3. Feb 19, 4.

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Feb 19, 5. Feb 19, 6. I second the leaky caps.

Feb 19, 7. Hello, Thanks for reply If ECM is bad would I have spark on all cyls.? I Get laid Nampa Idaho spark on all cyl. Where is the best and cheapest place to have ECM rebuilt?

I have a cam angle sensor i got form a junkyard.

It looks to be in really Get laid Nampa Idaho shape, but it has a male connector and I need a female connector. In the Haynes manual, it Get laid Nampa Idaho the camangle sensor finds TDC for cyl.

Cyl 2 and 3 are ok, they only get wet plugs when I try to crank the car excessevly to get the car to start. To me it sounds like the timing is out. Which would be caused by the CAS. But I realize the CAS input goes to the computer where the timing info is processed. So the computer could be the issue.

Is their any way to check these two parts to find out which one is defective. Thanks for all the Get laid Nampa Idaho. It is really appreciated!! Feb 19, 8. Is the cas is bad you will not have spark or fuel, it controls both. I wouldn't just buy a new ecu. Take yours apart and look at the board around the Nampx capacitors, if you are unsure than take a close up picture and post it here. Feb 20, 9.

Get laid Nampa Idaho

Get laid Nampa Idaho Feb Get laid Nampa Idaho, If ECU is bad would I get spark to all 4 cylinders? I have spark to all 4 cyl. What would cause this? I was under the impression that if CAS is bad acording to Haynes manual, the fuel injectors would open but not in the correct order. I will take out ECU and examine caps for leakage. I really do Hot hookers wants get laid the replys Sounds like a timing issue.

I would think if the ECU had leaking capacitors you would have neither fuel or spark.

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Have you tried adjusting the base timing? If it is firing and getting fuel then the CAS is working. Have you checked to make sure it isn't turned degree's out? Hi thanks for the reply.

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I removed ECM and examined it throughly. It looks to be in excellent condition. Caps look excellent, no leakage around top or bottom of caps. Also, there was no burnt smell. Everything else on circuit board looks good, no burnt wire traces, but bad solder joints I am not that good at identifying. The ECM has not been Nam;a on a diagnostic machine, only Get laid Nampa Idaho inspected, so it possibly could still be bad?

But Gett really doubt the ECM is bad. It is like someone else said I am getting spark and fuel so it is proably not the ECM.

ECM was installed by dealer in I really feel this is a timing issue causing this car not to start. The only thing that I can think of Housewives wants hot sex Dysart Pennsylvania 16636 would cause this is the Get laid Nampa Idaho. The CAS is not out degrees, it has never been removed from car. But I think the CAS is possibly the problem. Another thing I thought Get laid Nampa Idaho is that everything is ok for car to start, but car is just being difficult starting.

Car has not been started in about a month since it quit running. When it first quit running I replaced coolant temp sensor, thinking this was causing the no-start issue.